The Cashless Schools Solution has many benefits for the entire education system; everyone from the District Executives to the School Principal and Bookkeepers.

District Executives might be interested in:

Unqualified Audits

Make qualified audits a thing of the past. Cashless Schools provides you with a comprehensive audit trail of all online, cash, and check transactions, allowing you, and auditors, to see where your money came from, and where it is now.

Increase Revenue Opportunities

Offer parents anytime online payments, from registration fees to field trips to cafeteria purchases. Reach Alumni and the community with public facing donation and fundraising items.

Administrator and Teacher Efficiency

Teachers spend less time handling cash or manging payment lists and more time teaching. Administrators and book keepers have immediate access to payment and deposit reports. 

School Administrators may be interested in:

Efficient Management of Funds and Resources

Organize revenue quickly, having each settle automatically into the bank account of your choice and report using your own general ledgers with real-time reporting. Offer permission forms, flyers, and other resources for download online.

Safety and Convenience

Less cash on Campus and fewer students bringing money into class needs no explanation! Make your campus safer while offering the convenience of 24-hour online payments, real-time reporting showing who has or hasn’t paid, community facing fundraising and donations, and much more!

Reduced NSF Costs and Follow up

Our system and helpful support team minimize banking charges and assist schools in collecting funds all year round.  Minimize your banking costs with configurable settlement options.

Easy Parent and Staff Communication

Easily communicate updates and news to all your parents and staff using the Cashless Communication module.  Using beautiful email templates or your Payment Center‘s news page, stay in touch easier and more often with everyone!