What is the Cashless Schools Solution?

The Cashless Schools solution is a comprehensive set of tools and services to save your district money and make it easier for students and teachers to pay safely, quickly, and at anytime.  Offering first-class support, Cashless Schools’ goal is to help get your schools and districts Cashless saving you time and money.

Some of the tools and services available with the Cashless Solution:

  • Unlimited logins to the Sparc Management Website, the school and district’s administrative console for managing fees, cafeteria and in-depth reporting on funds flowing through your school, both online and in school.
  • Customizable Payment Center Website for parents and alumni to purchase and make payments online.
  • Integrated Cafeteria and Point of Sale system allows parents to manage on-campus funds online and settle funds directly to the school or 3rd party caterers.
  • First-Class Canadian-based Call Center, available to answer questions and concerns from parents, children, school administrations, or teachers alike.

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